Marcom has been offering marketing research and fieldwork services since 1997. Marcom is formed by a group of researchers and fieldworkers who have average 20 years of marketing research experiences. Our staff comes from top rated multi-national research agencies in Hong Kong and China.

How we are different

  • Over 75% of our studies are B2B interviews in Asia
  • 4 regional offices to field your projects in-house
  • Managed by experienced professionals who treat business integrity seriously
  • Cost effective data collection solutions based on CATI, Web Surveys, and Panels
  • Quality auditable by recordings
  • Research insights come from industry expertise and data mining analytics

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Introducing Focus Group Transcript Computer Assisted Coding Service (Sept 2014)

Computer aided transcript coding using MaxQDA software is now offered as an optional value added service for our focus group clients.   It offers clients benefit of obtaining a professional hierarchical coding scheme quickly which can be easily recoded, re-grouped and traceable.   Clients can now develop themes, constructs, and theory in a more organised and easy way.  For details, please contact

New Appointment

We are pleased to appoint Davis Li, a degree holder in Sociology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, as Project Executive for our Hong Kong team. Born and raised in Hong Kong, Mr. Li is highly familiar with the needs and characteristics of the customers in the city. This further consolidates Marcom's business in the region.

Office Expansion
Our Guangzhou office has been relocated to a new location with larger office space in July 2011 to cope with increasing demand for our Hong Kong and South China CATI business.

Project Update - a sophisticated CLT project successfully completed
Marcom have just completed a sophisticated CLT study in cooperation with an eye-tracking technology research company, investigating shopper reactions to TV and Mobile Phone products in-store. This was conducted in Beijing with great success.  Client decided to extend this success to Nanjing and Shenzhen, with a total of N=150+ respondents over the course of 2-3 weeks. 

Indonesian Project Executive
Pauline from Indonesia joins as a Project Executive to better assist our client's projects in Indonesia and South East Asia (March 2010).

B2B English Editor
Peter from England joins the team to ensure our clients receive excellent quality English transcripts, translations and B2B project management, after first joining the market research industry 5 years ago in the UK.

Project Update - C-Level Exec Study
A difficult study of senior IT executives in companies generating over $2 billion in revenue has just been completed in both Japan and Korea. (March 2010).

Project Updates - Medical Study in China
A difficult healthcare study of HSDD patients in China has just been completed.  The project is to interview healthcare patients in China on sensitive and personal topics (March 2010).

Project Updates - Multi-Country Study
After recently completing a large B2B study across China and Japan, our client preferred to give the subsequent Hong Kong top-up interviews to us.  (March 2010).

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